the hotel green shigakogen is your best choice to enjoy sightseeing and skiing, snowboarding


Guest room

23 rooms(Japanese-style)
Since the room is located at higher place, you can have a great view!
Smoking is not allowed in all guest rooms.

Japanese-style of 8-mats, TV, washing stand, toilet
ooth brush, towel, bath towel, tea set,Yukata(Japanese bathrobe)

Check-in & out time


Breakfast ・ Dinner

We offer homemade dishes that incorporate local ingredients.

In spring season, you will be able to enjoy some Japanese dishes with seasonal foods,
such as special sprout and root bend bamboo.
In summer season, we would like to serve light taste Japanese dishes with some highland vegetables.
In autumn season, you will be able to enjoy some Japanese dishes with seasonal mushrooms and herbaceous plants.
In winter season, we would like to serve home-style western cooking in set meal.

There are cases when we may not be able to serve seasonal foods depending on the situation.
For weekday in winter season, we may also serve Japanese dishes.


The main building
Front desk, restaurant, lounge, shop and locker for ski and snowboard.
23 guest rooms(Japanese-style), 2 bathrooms(Onsen), recreation room, changing-room and elevator installed.
Capacity of guest
70 persons
Car parking
We have a private car parking for 7 cars, and there is Sunvalley free public car parking for 150 or more cars.

Large public bath(Onsen)

This Onsen is simple sulfur hot spring coming from Nishihoppo headspring.
Please heal your body and relieve fatigue with this Onsen after skiing and trekking.


Here is the restaurant for the guests who stay.
Smoking is not allowed during breakfast and dinner time. Your cooperation would be appreciated.


There is a stove with fire at lounge in winter season.
Smoking is not allowed during breakfast and dinner time. Your cooperation would be appreciated.


Read in a space surrounded by nature and enjoy talking with friends.


In summer season, it will be a table tennis room. In winter season, it will be a nap room or changing-room for guests who arrive early in the morning.


Information for a separate room for smokers


Located along the Route 292, and you can have a nice view for Sunvalley Ski Area from the window. You are welcome not only for meal, but also for just having some drinks.
Smoking is not allowed inside both restaurant and cafe.

Spring and summer and autumnWinter seasons
Opening hours10:00 - 16:0011:00 - 14:00
Closing dayIrregular holidayIrregular holiday

Check SNS for the latest information

*There are cases when we take a day-off or early closing without any notice.
*Winter season opening period : mid Dec~end Mar


Q What time will you put in the accommodation?
The entrance is locked at 7 o’clock, 23 o’clock. Those who plan to arrive early in the winter season or late at night please be sure to contact us. Check in 14:00 Check out 9:30
QIs there a place before check-in or after check-in?
There is a break (nap) room on the accommodation building B floor. As a luggage storage room, there is also a simple changing room so please use it freely. Because it is a common space please manage valuables securely. Also, please leave it to the reception desk when you go out. It is available until 17:30.
QWhen should I book for New Year’s holiday or consecutive holidays in Jan?
We can receive your offer of reservation during August.1~September.5 by phone call for New Year’s holiday or consecutive holidays in Jan. However, we are afraid, it’s not first-come, first-served bases. We are taking a lottery basis. We call you back during 6th-10th of Sep if you win a lottery.
QWhat is available in your room?
There are tea sets and bath towels, towels and toothbrushes available. (Replacement fee will be charged).
QIs there car parking nearby?
There is a private car parking in front of restaurant(for 7 cars).
And, there is Sunvalley free public car parking in front of a private car parking(for 150 or more cars).
QWhat time can I take bath?
It’s available for 24 hours, but we ask all guests to take bath during AM 6:00-PM 11:00 to avoid accident. We clean up bathrooms every morning, and it takes about 1.5 hours.
QDo you have any nap room, changing-room and the place we can temporary leave our baggage?
We have a nap room in lodgings B. You can also use it to leave your baggage temporary. Simple changing-room is located together with above room.
Before check-in and after check-out, please use it freely. Please ask the front desk to keep your valuable goods without fail.
QWhat time can I enter the inn?
The entrance opens at 7 o’clock. (Winter only)
Before 14:00 check-in, you can use a common room where you can leave your luggage, change clothes and take a break.
QDo you have a curfew?
We close at PM 11:00 every night.
In case if you arrive after PM 11:00, please kindly call us in advance.
QWhat kind of items I can find and use in the bathroom?
You can use shampoo, soap, body soap, hair conditioner freely.
And, there is a hair dryer installed in Man’s and Women’s bathroom each.
QDo you accept credit card to pay?
Only payment for accommodation is available.
Available:Visa、Mastercard、JCB、American Express、Discover、Diners Club
Please pay cash at the restaurant.
QCan I smoke in the room?
We are afraid, smoking is not allowed anywhere inside of hotel excepting a separate room for smokers located in lodgings B.
QShould we place order anything to use the lounge?
The guests who stay can use after dinner freely.
There are some magazines, picture books, board games, etc.
QI want to have a spree. Do you have enough space for that?
We are afraid, we do not have such space. We recommend our guests to use the lounge or cafe just for usual dinner party. They are closed at PM 10:00. Please enjoy in your room after the time.
If you want to go on a spree, please find other hotel.
QIs there gas station nearby?
There is no gas station nearby the hotel.
The last gas station is located at Kanbayashi.
So, please fully refill your car with gas before you come to our hotel.
QCan I connect to the internet?
Yes, you can use free Wi-Fi in your room.
QDo you have a staff member who can speak English?
No, we don’t have.
We support you with gesture or body language.
QIs there rental skiing?

We have system for ski only. We do not have a snowboard rental system.

The set is three points: ski, shoes, stock.
There is no rental of snowboards, wear, gloves, goggles, etc.
The table will be the price for customers who are staying.
Advance reservations are not accepted.

half day1day1.5day2day2.5day3day
Adult set1,8002,8003,8004,8005,8006,800
Children’s set1,0001,8002,5003,3004,0004,500


The Hotel Green Shiga Kogen

7148 hirao,yamanouchi-machi, shimotakai-gun, nagano-ken 381-0401 Japan

Access from Narita Airport, Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport

Narita Airport







Express Bus






Tokyo Sta.






Hokuriku Shinkansen






Nagano Sta.


Nagaden Express bus



By Shinkansen (bullet train)

Go through Tokyo Station to Nagano Station using the Shinkansen. From Nagano Station, get off at the "Sun Valley" bus stop on the Nagaden bus "Express Shiga Kogen Line"
Hokuriku Shinkansen
Express Shiga Kogen Line

By Taxi or Snow shuttle

Reservation-based shared taxis are available. You can go directly from the airport to the hotel.
Chuo Taxi
Nagano Snow Shuttle

By Bus

This is a night bus from Narita Airport. Since you will arrive at Nagano Station early in the morning, you need to be careful in winter.
In the case of Haneda Airport, there is an express bus via Tokyo Station or Shinjuku.
Overnight Express Bus NaritaーNagano


The hotel is close to the bus stop so it is convenient to go anywhere.
Jikokudani snow monkey park is 15 minutes away by bus.

Jigokudani Yaen Koen
[Snow monkey park]

[15min by bus and 30 minutes on foot]

Shigakogen Ski resort

[1min on foot]


Lake Trail (Ike-meguli course)
Distance: 10.3km, Estimated Hiking Time: 3.5 hours

Zenko-ji Temple

[30min by bus and 45min by train]